Restaurant pos system

All the features you need together with its simple and easy-to-use interface

Multiple Income Center Management
Sibarni is an integration system that allows you to bring together the income and stocks of different centers in your business at a single point.
Multiple Branch Management
Sibarni allows you to manage all branches of your business from a single point with its multi-branch management.
Currency Sales
It is very easy to sell foreign currency with Sibarni. You can start selling immediately by activating foreign currency sales in the business settings.
Mobile Apps
Sibarni does not force you to use a single device. You can easily manage your work from any device with internet.
Customer Management
With Sibarni, you can easily register customers coming to your business and define balances for them. With the CallerID feature, you can see all the information of your customers, so you can get your order much faster.
Advanced Reporting
All sales, payments and stocks you have made with Sibarni are presented in detailed and understandable reports specific to your business.
Package Order and Courier Management
With Sibarni, you can manage your package orders much more easily. You can easily record the information of your customers to whom your package orders will be delivered.
Retail Management
Thanks to retail sales management, you can easily make your direct sales. Thus, you can receive all your orders quickly without wasting time.
Stock and Recipe Tracking
With Sibarni, you can keep stock information of your products. If an out-of-stock product is entered as an order, Sibarni will warn you, so you know that the product is out of stock.
Unlimited Users
At Sibarni, you can add as many employees as you want to the system and add unlimited users. At Sibarni, which offers comprehensive features at affordable prices, you do not pay any additional fees per user.
Thermal Printer and Kitchen Display
Sibarni does not force you to use only a screen or only a printer in the kitchen. If you want, you can follow the orders coming to the kitchen on these screens by using devices such as tablet, laptop, pc, all in one in the kitchen.
Food Basket Integration
Sibarni is in full synchronization with Yemek Sepeti. You do not have to manage your orders from Yemek Sepeti from a separate place. You can also manage your Yemek Sepeti orders with Sibarni.

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